How to Select Correct Digital Signature for Yourself?

How to process DSC online with Signindia?
November 26, 2020
January 23, 2021

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a stats method for verifying the legality and validity of a digital message or document. That message has been created by a known sender and has not been altered in transmission.

What is a digital certificate?

A digital signature certificate is an issued document from a certificate authority, and it includes a public key for a digital signature. It primarily specifies the identity associated with the key. Many organizations use a DSc certificate for legal and valid signatures of their organization names.

How digital signatures work?

DSC signatures are just like handwritten signatures, unique for every individual and organization. When a signer signs any document electronically, the signature is by the key that the signer acquires from a digital certificate.

This procedure uses mathematical algorithms that act like cyphers which create data which matches the signed document and encrypt it. This result encryption is the digital signature.

How to create/ buy a digital signature?

To create and buy a digital certificate, look for a verified CA certificate authority. They require specific information from you to validate keys for you.

Selecting the correct digital signature:

Keep in mind these factors and get digital signature online for yourself:

  • The DSC online must be flexible as per your organization’s growth. Check whether the signature is for public or private cloud, or at the front or back end.
  • Does it allow you to use digital signature for non-integrated or user-initiated way or not?
  • Whether the CA has worldwide cloud locality to store your data or not?
  • Whether it offers multiple authentication methods for the signer’s identity or not.
  • Does it help the organization maintain its brand in the DSC?
  • Is it simple and easy for all employees to use? And does DSC allow the IT experts of your organization to develop and administer it or not?
  • Does it show an audit of who signed the document and what time, date, location, and who authorized it?
  • Where does the vendor save the audit trail in the cloud or the document?
  • Does it offer
  • Do DSC online support the development team and offer them pre-built connectors for apps and sample codes?
  • Does the digital signature offer APIs and SDKs or not?
  • Does it have various methods to validate known and unknown customers?
  • Does it enable you to ensure business rules throughout the signing process?
  • Does it allow automated documents process?
  • Does it allow options for flexible data capture, document insertion, and multiple signatures?

Therefore, select the correct digital signature India wisely for yourself.

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