Is it safe to use a digital signature?

Common questions about the digital signature certificate
February 24, 2021

The DSC electronic signature is secure and a reliable way to protect your identity. Unlike a handwritten signature, the electronic signature unable to forge since it is a series of encrypted algorithms. The DSC signature allows the identification of a person and guarantees the integrity of the data; that’s why there are more success stories associated with its use.

Technology has ultimate impact on today’s the transaction market. Now, there is no such issue occur because any document can be signed electronically: contracts, sales agreements, etc. However, appropriate precautions are compulsory to take at the time of using digital signature India safely. The electronic signature does not have the subscriber if the password can share.

Different platforms offer simple signature methods; in which you add a graphic mark similar to the handwritten signature on paper. However, it is a weak signature method from a legal point of view.

How to know that an electronic signature is secure?

Currently, all economic sectors have been digitized that why digital signature India has more value as it reduces time and money. Now two people in different countries can sign a contract in a matter of minutes, without moving. The digital signature gives a guarantee that these documents are legally valid and their integrity is maintained from their origin to their destination; this means that the digital document has not been modified.

The digital certificate has two keys, a public key and a private key (PKI infrastructure). These keys allow that when a digital document is signed, a HASH code is generated, which will be encrypted with the signer’s private key and combined with the digital certificate, resulting in an electronically signed document.

When the receiver signs the digital document, its signer will decrypt the HASH received with the signer’s public key. If this does not match, the application will notify you that the document has been altered. If everything is correct, we proceed to sign in the same way previously explained.

Is the process to obtain a secure electronic signature very complicated?

In Security Data, you can obtain your electronic signature in a safe, fast and comfortable way. A user can also apply for a DSC application online and get a digital signature online. Once you have the requirements, you can choose the service model that suits you best so that the signature provider can deliver your signature by express service. If you cannot find a service point close to you, our online service allows you to obtain your signature from anywhere in the world.

Why have an electronic signature?

The electronic signature is secure, impossible to falsify. It helps you facilitate your daily processes and allows you to sign that validate and certify your documents from wherever you are.  Meanwhile, if this thing attracts you, you can learn more about the benefits of electronic signatures in India through online by visiting their webpage.  If you are ready to obtain your DSCelectronic signature, but you have any doubts that you would like to clarify, do not hesitate to contact the digital signature provider.

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